BrewDog UK


Project Highlights
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production Design
  • Gin. Lots of Gin. ???
  • Online Video
  • Social Content
  • Product Video

“Of All the Gin Joints… in All the Towns…”

LoneWolf Spirits mantra is to make a difference by making their spirits differently.

They go it alone.

We were tasked to produce a library of content for LoneWolf-er’s around the world, to ensure that their products are consistently met to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Sippin’ on Gin and… Tonic

Working closely with BrewDog’s Marketing Team we can ensure their scripts are engaging and informative. Our key focus on every production is the craft, the process and the ingredients (in no particular order).
We demonstrate these with clear attention to detail with a sharp range of shots, tasty colour grade and crisp and refreshing sounds.

Several cocktails found new homes during production.