2018 –

Project Highlights
  • Live Broadcast
  • Production Design
  • We get to play on gamesĀ ?
  • Broadcast Content
  • Interviews
  • Social Content
  • Aftermovie


Our folks thought they knew best when they said that you could ‘never make a career out of gaming’. Oh, how wrong they were.

ESL are the gaming innovators. Breaking new boundaries and new records every day in every way. We have the pleasure in bringing their broadcast and advertising content to life and making every production its own unique experience.

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. #Playaz.

How we Level-Up…

Replicating war-torn CS:GO environments to futuristic VR stadiums, we aim to get the viewers hyped and ready for the upcoming event.

Each production is about trying to nail the in-game details, to replicate the look and feel of each game and have seamless continuity straight into the live streams… all within 24 hour timeframe.

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