Leicester Tigers


Project Highlights
Bypassing generations of tradition by casually strolling into the changing room without earning a spot to be in there.
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They’rrrrrrre Great!

We’re proud of our city and are always trying to get it looking it’s best, so when Leicester Tigers come-a-callin’ we happily oblige.

Leicester Tigers are one of the biggest names in rugby union with a fan base all over the world. When they want to release a new kit, they want to do it with some style.

Hear them roar

Unlike our BCFC Kit Launch, we had two videos to produce with less time in totally different styles. #efficiency

The Home Kit is steeped in years of reverence so the video respects this theme with the players preparing to battle on the pitch.

The Alternate Kit adopts a different tone with its bright colours and fresh style, we wanted this to have a fun and contemporary feel which contrasted the Home Kit video.

To see the Behind the Scenes from the shoot visit the Tigers website.

Both Tigers kits will be available via their website.


Watch the Leicester Tigers' Behind The Scenes Video