Leicester Tigers


Project Highlights
Bypassing generations of tradition by casually strolling into the changing room without earning a spot to be in there.
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Behind the Stripes

We’re immensely excited to share our latest collaboration with the esteemed Leicester Tigers Rugby Club for the 2019/20 Tigers Kit Shoot. This project was not just about creating content; it was a creative journey into the heart of one of rugby’s most iconic teams.

Our aim was to weave a narrative that does justice to the fierce spirit of the Tigers.

The Tigers’ Resounding Roar

Taking lessons from our BCFC Kit Launch, we were tasked with the creating two distinct videos within a tight timeline, each embodying a unique stylistic approach.

The Home Kit video pays homage to years of tradition and reverence, illustrating players in their pre-game preparation mode.

The Alternate Kit video, with its flamboyant colours and innovative design, was intended to exude a youthful and contemporary vibe, offering a stark contrast to the Home Kit video.

For a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the shoot, please visit the Tigers’ official website.


Watch the Leicester Tigers' Behind The Scenes Video