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This is where the magic happens and your production is in full motion.


Because we don't 'fix it in post'.

Lighting isn't just about being able to see what is happening on screen, it is a powerful tool used to set the mood and tone of film, and so it's important to get it right first time. Working end to end means we know how much easier a well-lit scene is to work with in the post-production, so our editors know we've got their back.

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Production Design

A Whole New World.

Films offer the audience a window into a different world, and without thoughtful and detail orientated production design, this would not be possible. Our production design team carefully curate sets to offer an immersive and credible environment appropriate to any shoot.

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It's not about looking, it's about feeling.

Being a videographer isn't about pressing record, it's about bringing to life what they see through the lens. Our camera team are creative, adaptive, and always striving for the most innovative way to capture footage. They have an instinct for what works, and how to develop emotion visually.

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Sound Recording

Think sound is important? We hear you.

So often sound is neglected in favour of focusing on capturing impressive visuals. Not here. Our sound recordists recognise how poor quality sound can detract from an audience's engagement with a film, and so we make sure our vocals are crisp and clear, and our environments authentic and evocative.

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