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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Pre-production doesn't happen before the real work of film making begins; it is the crucial first step in the process. During pre-production we'll take your ideas and develop them into a working blueprint for all stages of production, laying the foundations for the evolution of your project.


It starts with an idea.

Great films come from bold ideas, but this doesn't happen by accident. Our experienced team has proven experience in turning abstract concepts into creative end products.

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If it sounds like writing, we re-write it.

Without a strong script an otherwise perfectly executed project can fall flat. Whether you have a rough script in progress or you want to start from scratch, our writers will support you through every stage of the process, resulting in a screenplay that balances compelling

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Imagine, visualise, create.

We work hard to help you understand what your film might look like before even filming the first frame, and so a storyboard functions as a visual road-map for your vision. It allows you to see if your ideas will work on screen, and is an effective way of identifying potential issues, potentially saving you time and money.

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Good acting is impossible to spot.

Getting the right people in in the right roles will elevate your project, and enable you to realise your creative vision. Regardless of whether you wrote a part with someone in mind, or are at the very beginning of your search, we can guide you through auditions and casting, and ensure you find the talent you need.

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Art Direction

We'll build the world you need.

Sourcing the right locations and building innovative sets will ensure your project has a unique visual identity that aligns with the mood and intention of the film. Our team of Art Directors are creative and detail orientated, and work tirelessly to create the right environment to bring your film to life.

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On time, on budget, on brand.

We know that without effective scheduling projects - along with budgets - can spiral out of control. Our experienced producers will provide you with a comprehensive, and realistic, timescale for your films, and make certain that the production crew know exactly what they need to be doing in order to stay on track.

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