Tribal Pet Foods


Project Highlights
  • Production
  • Storyboarding
  • Phoebe was happy with this project¬†?
  • Commercial
  • Online
  • Social

Barking up the right tree

It was safe to say our ears pricked up when Tribal Pet Foods needed a cute commercial producing for their new Cold Press kibble.

Naturally, Phoebe led the project….then ate the project and later on that day deliv… you get the idea.

Landlord nearly kicked her out, but we managed to renegotiate the terms of her leash.

That’s a-pawling. Ok, no more.

I like big mutts

and I cannot lie

We worked closely with Tribal’s team to make sure we captured the right level of information without losing the essence of the fun brand.

We paid attention to making the advert have a nice upbeat pace with bright punchy animations that were concise in messaging.

I think we raised the woof on this one.

Ok, enough puns… i’m getting dog tired.

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