2015 – Present

Project Highlights
  • Project Management
  • Multiple Deliverables
  • Colour Grade
  • Film + Airport Hanger = Cool ✈️
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Cinema Advert
  • Brand Film
  • Case Studies
  • Social Content

Planes, Trains, Automobiles…
& Long-Range Targeting Systems.

PROCAT, also known as Prospects College of Advanced Technology. And also known as, a very very cool place to be, with lots of toys to play learn with.

Choosing an apprenticeship over University education? It probably wasn’t even worth a debate several years ago but it certainly is worth a discussion today.

Our goal for PROCAT was to create several pieces of content for both students and employers to choose PROCAT as their only option when it came to source apprentices and become an apprentice.

Content in Design

PROCAT has given us the opportunity to film in some fantastic locations with some exceptionally talented individuals.

The success of the campaign meant a huge intake of new students in comparison to previous years and further companies investing in the college.

Our utmost professionalism when working with PROCAT means the opportunity to operate an artillery tank or Boeing-747 grows closer by the day.