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It’s good to talk…and play mobile games.

EE is the UK’s number one network provider (at least Kevin Bacon seems to think so anyway). As the best network, their goal is set out to build a new digital backbone for Britain with this in mind, we see them enter the realm of mobile gaming for the first time.

Supporting our partners, ESL we helped produce live broadcast content and highlights of the event ready for future advertising content.

Let battle commence…if you have enough data left.

It’s only a game show.

The future of gaming doesn’t just lie with desktops and consoles. With more and more mobile multiplayer games available in our pockets, you need to keep your ping low with a fast as f**k network to obliterate your opponent.

BT Sports Studios, set the scene for the finals of EE’s Mobile Series Clash Royale tournament. Players from all over the UK fought it out to win a spot in one of the world’s largest eSports teams; Team Fnatic.